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Perfect Puppy! Easy Adoption Process!

I received my puppy Frankie (Beau) from Emma in July 2021. He was shipped to us here in NY. Frankie arrived clean and absolutely adorable. I was nervous to have him shipped but it was all handled very well and I was able to track him the whole time! Emma was very helpful and responsive throughout the adoption process. She clearly loves her puppies. It is obvious from Frankie’s temperament he was well socialized and well loved before joining our family. I’m so grateful for the loving start Emma gave him and I’m so impressed at how well he was able to acclimate to his new home. We have two small children and two cats, Frankie has be unfazed and sweet to all! Anyone seeking to add the perfect pet to their family should look no further! Great experience and the best puppy!! Thank you Emma and family!

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