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Best Experience Ever!!!!

I have now purchased 5 puppies within the past 4 months. Eventually I will start breeding and wanted to purchase from different breeders for the experience. The other 4 breeders were well known as being great dachshund breeders and they all lived within 3 hours drive time for me. I live on the coast of SC and flew to Kentucky to pick up my dapple boy “Chief Grey Cloud”. Well, that being said…..The other 4 breeders don’t hold a candle to Emma.
Emma’s Pros:
She cares about her babies and who they are going to.
She is willing to talk over the phone and gives updates.
She takes her time to answer any questions and concerns
She delivered a healthy puppy to me.
She bathed my boy before she delivered him to the airport to me
She and her husband were both so friendly and sweet

CONS from other breeders I bought from
I can’t say they did not care about their babies but they sure didn’t care about me as a buyer. I was made to feel like I was just their source of income.
It was very hard to have phone conversations because they were too busy
3 breeders handed me dirty stinky puppies that had not had a bath

There’s are a lot of breeders out there. There are also a lot of scammers out there. Emma is top Notch!!! I admire how she runs her business and highly recommend her. I will be buying from her again in the future.

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