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Beautiful healthy sweet dachshunds from a wonderful family

Little Miss Abby is 5 months old now. She is momma’s girl, but she loves all the family, including our 12 year old dachshund, Bella. Bella grumps at Abby sometimes when she pushes her luck, but Bella is also crazy about the pup and plays like she’s a pup herself. We love dachshunds because they are such clowns, quite vocal, letting us know when anything moves outside (and sometimes inside) the house, often single minded with that built-in prey drive, and very loyal to their “pack”. I really enjoyed talking with Emma on the phone and driving to pick up our new fur child at their beautiful home in North West Kentucky. Good pure dog breeds of all kinds are harder to find these days as demand is high. Heart2heart Puppies knows how breed lovely healthy happy dogs with the best care and love we dog lovers appreciate. I hope to pick out a boy someday from Heart2heart. Here’s picture of Miss Abby posing for me on our backyard patio.

Beautiful healthy sweet dachshunds from a wonderful family

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