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What Our Customers Say About Us

Winter / Maggie

We got Winter and renamed her Maggie on 2/19. She has brought us so much joy, was way to train to her puppy pads, sleeps in her little bed right beside ours. We could not be more pleased with her. I searched for months trying to find her and I knew she was ours from the look on her face in her photos on the website. I liked the fact that the breeder was close enough for us to pick her up in person after finding several puppy scams. You will not be displeased when getting your puppy from Heart2Heart.

Vena Hensley

What an awesome experience!

I just wanted to say how great of an experience it was to get my first dachshund pup! Emma was very responsive to EVERY question I had, and she honestly helped me pick out the perfect puppy for my lifestyle. I NEVER met Roxy aka (Jade) until the day I went to get her. She is honestly the best pup I could of imagined for my life, as well as my boyfriend’s and his kids. She loves everyone and every other dog she encounters!
Emma was very accommodating with my pick up arrangements as well!
I just wanted to share my experience with Emma and Robert and I will recommend them to anyone that is looking for a dachshund pup! I will be back in the future when I am ready for my next pup!
Enjoy my favorite picture of my Miss Roxy 🙂

Thank you Emma and Robert!

Taylor Davis

Best Experience Ever!!!!

I have now purchased 5 puppies within the past 4 months. Eventually I will start breeding and wanted to purchase from different breeders for the experience. The other 4 breeders were well known as being great dachshund breeders and they all lived within 3 hours drive time for me. I live on the coast of SC and flew to Kentucky to pick up my dapple boy “Chief Grey Cloud”. Well, that being said…..The other 4 breeders don’t hold a candle to Emma.
Emma’s Pros:
She cares about her babies and who they are going to.
She is willing to talk over the phone and gives updates.
She takes her time to answer any questions and concerns
She delivered a healthy puppy to me.
She bathed my boy before she delivered him to the airport to me
She and her husband were both so friendly and sweet

CONS from other breeders I bought from
I can’t say they did not care about their babies but they sure didn’t care about me as a buyer. I was made to feel like I was just their source of income.
It was very hard to have phone conversations because they were too busy
3 breeders handed me dirty stinky puppies that had not had a bath

There’s are a lot of breeders out there. There are also a lot of scammers out there. Emma is top Notch!!! I admire how she runs her business and highly recommend her. I will be buying from her again in the future.

Rene Tucker

Beautiful healthy sweet dachshunds from a wonderful family

Little Miss Abby is 5 months old now. She is momma’s girl, but she loves all the family, including our 12 year old dachshund, Bella. Bella grumps at Abby sometimes when she pushes her luck, but Bella is also crazy about the pup and plays like she’s a pup herself. We love dachshunds because they are such clowns, quite vocal, letting us know when anything moves outside (and sometimes inside) the house, often single minded with that built-in prey drive, and very loyal to their “pack”. I really enjoyed talking with Emma on the phone and driving to pick up our new fur child at their beautiful home in North West Kentucky. Good pure dog breeds of all kinds are harder to find these days as demand is high. Heart2heart Puppies knows how breed lovely healthy happy dogs with the best care and love we dog lovers appreciate. I hope to pick out a boy someday from Heart2heart. Here’s picture of Miss Abby posing for me on our backyard patio.

Beautiful healthy sweet dachshunds from a wonderful family

James Cornett


Very Legit and trustworthy!!! Great healthy puppies that are worth the price. I love my puppy I’ve adopted through heart2heart puppies! This is my puppy at 4months old!

Lexa N.

The Love of My Life.

Such a great experience! I contacted Emma a few weeks before my puppy (Ginny) was available to come home. Emma was responsive, attentive, and so helpful! After hearing horror stories about breeders, I was so happy to find her. She sent pictures and videos of Ginny almost every week.

I flew to Kentucky to pick Ginny up and Emma met me at the airport with everything I needed for the next week. I was nervous but she made the process seamless.

I’ve had Ginny for two months now, and I couldn’t be happier. She is super healthy, playful, and lovable! I can’t imagine my life without her.

I’d recommend Emma to anyone!

Marisa Agganis

Thank you Emma!

We now have brothers. Charlie and Sammy. Sweet, energetic and healthy pups. Thank you Emma, we adore them both.

Jackie Wilhelm

Sammy & Charlie

We ended up going back and buying Charlie’s (r) brother Sammy. Beautiful and sweet puppies. Thank you Emma!


Jerome Wilhelm


The best, adorable, healthy puppy is what we found! The best experience talking to Emma, meeting her family and picking up our new puppy “Lexi”. We met Lexi’s mother and father and they, as well as the puppies, are so well cared for and happy and healthy. The place was immaculate and we feel so blessed to have found a puppy from such a reputable breeder. Our experience was handled professionally and was so much better than we ever imagined.

Kelly Caffrey

Perfect Puppy! Easy Adoption Process!

I received my puppy Frankie (Beau) from Emma in July 2021. He was shipped to us here in NY. Frankie arrived clean and absolutely adorable. I was nervous to have him shipped but it was all handled very well and I was able to track him the whole time! Emma was very helpful and responsive throughout the adoption process. She clearly loves her puppies. It is obvious from Frankie’s temperament he was well socialized and well loved before joining our family. I’m so grateful for the loving start Emma gave him and I’m so impressed at how well he was able to acclimate to his new home. We have two small children and two cats, Frankie has be unfazed and sweet to all! Anyone seeking to add the perfect pet to their family should look no further! Great experience and the best puppy!! Thank you Emma and family!

Kristen Murphy

A great experience!

I would absolutely adopt again from Heart2Heartpuppies. Emma made everything so easy and wonderful. We met our Izzy at her home and could tell how much love and care was surrounding our new baby girl. Izzy has meshed in super well with our two other dogs and is great with people as well. We’ve received so many compliments on our daily walks around the neighborhood. I couldn’t imagine our family without her.

Jill Becker

Trustworthy and family owned.

Legit and trustworthy! I love my puppy I’ve adopted from heart2heart puppies. She was exactly what I have seen, health in my puppy was outstanding and it was a smooth process from beginning to end.

Lexa N

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