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Puppy Parents

Our Puppy Parents

Snuggles, Heart 2 Heart Puppies


Meet Snuggles our lovable, long-haired black and tan Momma! She earned her name by being a love bug and loves being with her best friends, which happens to be the humans here at Heart2Heart! She is passing the friendly, out going trait onto her babies. Snuggles weighs 9 pounds and is registered with AKC.


Meet our blue-eyed Daisy girl! Our very own long-haired, black and cream dapple! As Champ and Debbie’s daughter she became part of our Heart2Heart family the day she was born. Her gentle and quiet personality along with her stunning patchwork of dapple has made her star in our family!

Heart 2 Hearts, Puppies, Puppy, Daisy


Meet Goldilocks, a beautiful, long-haired cream girl with one blue eye! She was born in our home from our own, Champ and Snuggles! She has her Daddy’s confirmation and her Mommy’s loving and friendly personality! Goldie weighs 10 pounds and is registered with AKC.


Meet Mr. Champ, our handsome, long-haired, black and tan dapple boy! He quickly captured our hearts with his happy personality and nice coat; which he passes on to his babies. We love having him in our family and seeing his gorgeous babies arrive! Champ weighs 11 pounds and is registered with AKC.

Heart 2 Heart puppies, puppies, puppy, breed, Dachshunds


Meet sweet Bailey, our long-haired black and tan dapple girl! She is a
daughter of our own Champ and Snuggles, with a loving and loyal
personality she loves playtime and we are loving every minute of it!
Bailey weighs 9 pounds and is registered with AKC.

Maddy Mae

Meet Maddy Mae our gorgeous, long-haired, red dapple girl! She was born and raised here at Heart2Heart from our own Rocky and sweet Kayla! She enjoys spending time playing and exploring in true Doxie fashion!

Lo Ryder

Meet Lo Ryder our handsome, long haired creme boy of Tennesee! Ryder joined our Heart2Heart family in the Spring of 2021 and Romeo he is! We are excited for his beautiful babies that have arrived! Ryder has a laid back, very loving personality; loves to play ball and bath time as well! He weighs 12 pounds and is registered with AKC


Meet Bella our beautiful shade cream, long haired girl! She has the perfect personality of a cream dachshund of being calm, loving, and loyal!! She has been a great joy here at Heart2Heart Puppies!

puppy, Heart 2 heart Puppies


Meet our Daddy, Call Me Handsome Beau! He joined us here at Heart 2 Heart Puppies at 9 weeks old, and has filled our lives here with much joy and love! We are so pleased with his tempermant and confirmation along with his dark handsome looks! He loves to chase the girls or just hang out with his human friends! We are excited to see his babies grow!


Meet Riley aka Lil Red! She joined us at Heart2Heart this Spring! Bringing with her a spunky-sweet personality! Happy and loud, she leaves a special little sparkle!

puppy, Heart 2 heart Puppies


Meet Amazing Grace of H2H, a 3rd generation girl here! She is the daughter  of Bailey and Lo Ryder and is a joy with her silly dachshund antics passed down from her daddy, yet she has the sweet heart of her mommy!

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